Agricultural Input Markets Strengthening Project


The Agro-dealer Strengthening Program, funded by the government of Sierra Leone through the Global Agricultural Food and Security Program, aimed to promote the transformation of Sierra Leone’s fragmented input distribution system into a more efficient, commercially-viable input supply infrastructure operated by the private sector. As part of an implementing consortium with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), CNFA developed an agro-dealer network to provide a one-stop shop for smallholder farmers to access improved inputs, services, and output marketing. The program was implemented in the District of Bombali and enhanced agricultural productivity, increased rural incomes, and improved household food security.

Program Approach:

  1. Developed a private network of agro-dealers by establishing one-stop-shops;
  2. Provided business management and technical training to agro-dealers;
  3. Built and strengthened private sector associations that supply agricultural inputs;
  4. Improved access to finance through a credit guarantee facility and matching grants program;
  5. Fostered a commercialization-enabling environment by advocating for agro-dealer involvement in national agricultural sector strategies and implementations.